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Plan de rénovation RENO-050

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Reversed plan


The Simard couple was sure their need for freedom would be satisfied after acquiring a condo. They soon realized that there are many inconveniences when it comes to living in one. Undeterred, the couple decided to find a house and renovate it, turning it into their dream home. Mission accomplished! They already had certain criteria they were looking for when they started their search: it had to be a bungalow that is not a split-level, must be in a quiet neighbourhood in Boucherville and must have a garage. The couple found the house they wanted, it had a carport instead of a garage however.


Nothing of the original house was kept, wheter on the inside or the outside. To be able to get exactly what they wanted, the couple asked Planimage as well as a designer to create their perfect design. It took around 15 months for them to finally create their dream home but they are the firsst to say it was worth it!