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Plan de rénovation RENO-049

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Reversed plan


This waterfront cottage hastily built in the 70s received a total makeover. Converted into a summer home by the owners, it now has a modern design.It was ideally located, as such, the goal of the owners was to renovate to make it perfect for a relaxing retirement. They starded by figuring out the scope of the project and finding out what needed to be done. Would they be content with only working on the interior ? Or would they also modify the exterior ? Mrs. Beaupré, who along with her husband decided to tear down what they could, keeping only the structure.


To achieve this, Mrs. Beaupré called upon Daniel Therrien from Planimage, having already discussed the specifics with him before.The exterior design of the house is much more modern with an emphasized entrance and the addition of lateral structures created in an inversed L shape that gives off the impression of stability while at the same time making it look larger.