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Plan de rénovation RENO-048

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Located right on the edge of the Mille-Iles river, this house built in 1988 by owners has received a facelift. After thinking about moving to find a house that is better suited to their needs, the owners have come to the conclusion that nowhere else will they find such a magnificent view as the one they have of the river. They met with Geneviève Ayotte and explained their needs and described their tastes. «I wanted to have a style reminiscent of New England, especially the tall chimney. Mrs. Ayotte presented a project that seemed to fit our needs and tastes. After finding out how much the renovations would cost, we decided to stay.» explained the owner, Renée Perreault.


The house that was covered in aggregate and aluminium has been transformed thanks to wood from Maibec company as well as stone. «These materials have allowed us to modernize the look of the house. The owners have also asked us to make sure the poolside rear terrace is covered.» explains Geneviève Ayotte. The chimney has been embellished, the balconies were widened and the windows and doors were changed. These modifications have allowed the couple to keep their cherished view of the river, making them very happy indeed.