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In today's economic context, numerous homeowners tend to believe that it is inappropriate, even risky, to purchase a secondary home. But, this second property could become their main residence when the time for retirement arrives. Careful attention should be given to the location of the building site, as well as the desired architectural style in prevision for the future.

Planimage is proud to present a collection of cottage and country home plans that will surely meet your aesthetic and practical requirements. Designed by our professional technologists, these models will blend easily with resort centres set deep in the country. Concerned with providing updated and relevant information, we have added a brand new column especially for our readers. In this particular issue, the Financial News section will focus on the fiscal impacts for second home owners. Moreover, you will learn more about geothermy and the subsidies that may be granted by the federal government and certain Canadian provinces.

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Edition 62 Year 2009
Number of pages 114
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