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Rêve Plan 69801

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Reversed plan


A bright apartment built above a double garage: a dream come true for Mrs. Gravel and Mr. Nadeau.

At first, the site had two old cabins, each with its own mailing address. The owners wanted a spacious garage, which was allowed. The idea of building a loft above the garage was starting to take form and Mrs. Gravel started creating a housing plan. «I couldn't find what I wanted until I found a design by Planimage. We both instantly fell in love with it! Rather than go for a loft, we decided to have a one-bedroom apartment above the garage. We also have another project, we want to build a cottage next door. We asked Mr. Desaulniers of Planimage to design it.»

Mr Desaulniers, account services coordinator at Planimage, brought a few changes to the original design of the garage to give it more room. «We added six feet at the back of the building and one foot on each side, this allowed us to build a larger kitchen with a lunch counter as well as allowing a larger bathroom and walk-in equipped bedroom. The ground floor has also been modified, it is now nine feet high instead of eight feet. Since the dimensions changed, we could also add some windows.»

The final result is a large garage with a small yet cozy apartment above it. The owners chose pinewood from Groupe Crête and Lugano stone as siding. It gives it an elegant look that is both warm and stylish.

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