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Rêve Plan 21894

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Reversed plan


The original design already offered a lot to the future owner but it was still missing something: a covered terrace. With a push of a button, an architectural technologist of Planimage can make that dream come true.

The house was a bit too small for the owner, Maxime Faille's tastes. He wanted to expand it by two feet. The living room and dining room have benefited from this expansion.
We could easily add a covered terrace behind the garage as there was a perfect spot for it. «On the original design, there was a small balcony where the kitchen window is located», explains an Planimage architectural technologist. «The patio door was supposed to be in the kitchen but since the terrace is behind the garage, it was moved to the living room.»

The cement covered terrace is 12 feet by 12 feet and can be used during rainy weather. «I probably should have made the patio door eight feet instead of six, but the terrace is a really wonderful addition», states Mr. Faille.

Since the house can be customized to better fit his tastes, the owner decided to use a garage door with a window. He also chose aluminium-coloured windows that harmonize quite well with the modular bricks.

A corrugated roof above the entrance completes the contemporary look.

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