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The start of a new year is often the ideal time to start new projects. The Planimage magazine team is pleased to introduce various new ideas and more than 500 plans of houses, cottages, multiple housing units, interior and exterior projects (garages, sheds, decks, etc.), as well as house plans listed by style in order to make your search easier. Ready to get started? No doubt you’ll find the project of your dreams, the one that will fit your tastes and your needs. Our plans can be modified or customized according to your requirements and construction standards in place, and our advisors are available to help you. Browse through our web site to discover our entire collection of plans and visit our blog where you’ll find its short articles, advice and ideas on how to build a house, decorate and renovate.

This special 500-plan issue also presents the newest housing innovations and trends. Don’t miss the article on designer Brigitte Poitras’s new consulting service, tips from pro Alain Fournier (from the TV show Bye Bye Maison), the kitchen designed by Karine Scandella from Tendances Concept, and we know you’ll love Ricardo’s new line of cooking products.

You’ll want to keep this issue by your bedside because it will make you dream of all the new projects you’ll want to get started in the New Year.

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Edition 75 Year 2011
Number of pages 194
Publication starting at: 3.95 $
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