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EXOTIC Atmosphere
EXOTIC Atmosphere
URBAN Lifestyle
URBAN Lifestyle
EXOTIC Atmosphere

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Landscapes inspired by exotic designs are perfect for receiving friends and relatives. Presently, there are all-equipped kitchens including outdoor appliances such as refrigerators and wine storage refrigerators which eliminate the need for constant trips in and out of the house. Note that the barbecue area should have a minimal reserved space of between 2 ft. and 5 ft., and should not be adjacent to flammable materials.

To add some variety to your garden, you can use fences to create divisions in your space. For example, opt for bamboo shoots that can be attached to one another with simple flexible wire. Before undergoing such projects, contact your municipality to verify the maximum height authorized which can generally vary between 4 ft. and 6 ft.

Certain lights will create a warm, tropical atmosphere in your garden. There are a few innovative products such as solar garden torch lights which mimic bamboo, ethanol mobile fire-pits or propane-fueled campfires which will help in creating this particular ambiance.

This exotic outdoor concept is meant to replicate the gardens of large hotel resorts in Southern countries. One can go for long walks in these luxurious gardens and allow themselves a few moments to observe the surrounding nature. The presence of water and water- lilies evokes the seashore, while ground materials such as slate slabs are reminiscent of terra cotta or ceramics popularized in southern regions. The abundance of luxuriant vegetation with large, thin and lengthy foliage creates an authentic tropical atmosphere. In fact, various plant textures accentuate this tropical impression.

EXOTIC AtmosphereEXOTIC Atmosphere
URBAN LifestyleURBAN Lifestyle
EXOTIC Atmosphere
1- aruncus dioicus “sylvestris”
2- taxus x media “hicksii”
3- morus alba “pendula”
4- pachysandra terminalis
5- berberis thunbergii “royal
6- magnolia x soulangiana
7- ligularia stenocephala
“the rocket”
8- bergenia cordifolia
9- clematis x “ville de lyon”
10- sedum spectabile
“autumn joy” copf
11- paeonia lactiflora “felix
12- taxus cuspidata “capitata”
13- iris germanica “sultan’s palace”
14- syringa patula “miss kim”
15-juniperus communis
“depressa aurea”
16- astilboides tabularis
17- alchemilla mollis
18- corylus avellana “contorta”
19- artemisia schmidtiana
“silver mound”
20- pinus mugo “gnom”
21- nymphaea x “attraction”
22- chamaecyparis nootkatensis
23- vinca minor
24- betula pendula “youngii”
25- sempervivum “silverine”
26- palmier artificiel/artificial palm tree
27- rhododendron x “pjm”
28- hydrangea paniculata “unique”
29- azalea “rosy ligths”
30- oenothera speciosa “rosea”
31- cimicifuga racemosa “brunette”
32- sambucus nigra “black beauty”
33- miscanthus sinensis
34- tamarix ramosissima (pentandra)
35- buxus “green gem”
36- cotinus coggygria “royal purple”
37- salix integra “hakuro nishiki”
38- juniperus scopulorum
“tolleson’s blue weeping”
39- acer palmatum dissectum
“inabe shidare”
40- rhus typhina
41- cyperus papyrus (annuelle/perennial)
42- pinus strobus “pendula”
43- betula pendula ‘trost dwarf”
44- yucca filamentosa
45- Dalle “ardoise” slab
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