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Modify the search or New search This section contains several plans of residential buildings with 12 units of various styles. Their dimensions as well as their interior design will meet your needs and your requirements. We invite you to discover the models of the multiple unit residential building plans from our large collection thanks to the Advanced Search option.

If you havenít found the residentiel buildings youíve been seeking, our advisors will guide you and design a personalized plan of the building you want, from pictures, drawings, models, etc.
Plan pla41123
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N° pla41123
12 units
Style : European
≈ 1373047.00 $
Bedrooms : 24
Bathroom : 12
Liv. ar. : 13092 sq. ft
Plan pla41423
N° pla41423
12 units
Style : Victorian
≈ 1275846.08 $
Bedrooms : 24
Bathroom : 12
Liv. ar. : 13020 sq. ft

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