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Ontarian residential construction regulations require that anyone in this province who wish to construct a building of 10 square metres or more, separate or attached to an existing building, obtain a BCIN accreditation (Building Code Identification Number) for their plan for an extra charge. The customer in ONTARIO who wishes to CONSTRUCT a building of 10 square metres or more, separate or attached to an existing building, accept to contact a Planimage representative as quickly as possible to obtain additional information on this subject.

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2D Floors   
Plan n° pla61051
Plan n° pla61051
The illustrations are artistic renditions. Therefore, they can be slightly different from the actual plans. Furthermore, please note that a number of plans will have to be revised in order to comply with the new Quebec Building Code regulation for better energy efficiency standards (L.R.Q., c. B-1.1).Find out more

Ecological plans Whether located by a lake or surrounded by mountains, this small cottage will delight its occupants. The house is 24 feet wide by 24 feet deep and provides 576 square feet of living space.

The home includes a kitchen, an open living and kitchen area with cathedral ceilings and a fireplace, a bathroom and one bedroom.

Plan n° pla61051
Style : Craftsman  
Building costs
starting at : 88824.00 $
Front : 24 ft  


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Depth : 24 ft  
Height : 22 ft 4 in  
First floor area : 576 sq. ft  
Total living area : 576 sq. ft  
Bedroom : 1  
bathroom : 1  
half bathroom : 0  
Garage : none  
Kitchen : Not available  
Exterior walls : Aluminium  

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Rate card - pla61051   Price code : AA
 8 Sets of plans   415.00 $
 4 Sets of plans   380.00 $
 Kit(1)   440.00 $
 Plan PDF format – Large size(2)
(18 in x 24 in or 24 in x 36 in)
  565.00 $
 Plan PDF format – Tabloid size(3)
(11 in x 17 in)
  95.00 $
 Additional copy   25.00 $ea.
 Reversed plan(4)   150.00 $
 List of materials  See an example    80.00 $
 French version    English version

Sub-Total  (before tax)


415 $




2D Floors - Plan n° pla61051
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First floor

Plan  n° pla61051
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This plan complies with the standards of the designer. The designer of the plan pla61051 is located in Quebec,CANADA.
Verify the compliance of your plan with building standards of your province, town or country. (Find out more)
Please note that because of the new Quebec Building Code regulation for better energy efficiency standards (L.R.Q., c. B-1.1), the dimensions of these 2D floors are approximate.(Find out more)

1-800-752-6744 In order to avoid any problems in obtaining a construction permit, the technologists at Planimage take it upon themselves to verify all municipal norms in place during the construction or modification of a residence, on client request.

1-800-752-6744 No refund on home plans.
1-800-752-6744 Purchase of this set of house plans grants you the right to construct one unit only.
1-800-752-6744 The purchase of the construction plans for a house does not allow the purchaser to use the model for advertising purposes.
1-800-752-6744 The price of each plan is established in accordance with the living space as shown in the plan views.

The cost of construction is established in accordance with the total living space (according to the plan views presented). If there is a plan view of the basement, it is included in the construction cost.
The garage’s floor area is not included in the living space, but it is included in the cost of construction.
1-800-752-6744 Under the Federal Copyright Act, please note that any reproduction, in whole or in parts, is prohibited without a written authorization from PLANIMAGE.

(1) Kit
The kit includes: 5 paper copies of the original plan, regular size, 1 paper copy of the original plan, 11 X 17, and the list of materials.

(2) Plan PDF format – Large size
Equivalent to a paper plan, the plan in PDF format is available in large sizes, 18 in x 24 in or 24 in x 36 in, and is sent by email. The purchase of one set of plans in PDF format gives you the right to build one house. In accordance with the law, the authenticity of the document is ensured by a digital seal and the digital signature of the architectural technologist that are put on electronic documents (Notarius). It is strictly forbidden to modify the plan or to use it for advertising purposes without the written authorization of Planimage. Purchasing software is not necessary to look at the plan in its PDF format (Acrobat Reader is available free of charge).
Please make sure that your municipality accepts plans with digital seals.

(3) Plan PDF format – Tabloid size
The plan in PDF format is also available in a smaller size, 11 in x 17 in, and is also sent by email. You can forward this electronic version of your plan to your financial institution as well as to the various people associated with your project, which will save you time and money. Please note that this type of electronic plan has no professional seal and may not be accepted by some municipal authorities.
To purchase this plan, you must have already bought the original plan (either the large format, 8 sets of plans, 4 sets of plans, or the kit). For additional information, please contact our experts at 1 800 752-6744.

(4) Reversed plan
Although the content is reversed, the text is displayed in the right direction for easy reading.

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